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Vission & Mission

The hallmark of our success has always been the quality and reliability in the indirect distribution for the products and services that we market. This has been our commitment to strive all along since the beginning, which is now the trademark of our success.

Our main objective is to facilitate the end user by effectively setting up a nationwide network of service outlets that will cater and support the range of products that are offered by the Company.

DT’s goals is to continue being a trusted provider of user-friendly digital voice processing and data recording solutions; servicing our key markets - public phone systems, public safety, call centers, air-traffic control sites, military application, and financial institutions; delivering extraordinary value every time. 


Customer Satisfaction
Our policy is that customers are always right and as a consequence customer relations are given a high priority. To stress the importance of such a practice, each staff is required to undergo seminars/courses that are appropriate to their type of work. We believe and will ensure that our staffs are professionally competent as well as proficient in after sales.

Product Technology
Dedicated marketing and product evaluation team(s) are always continuing to access the current product portfolio as are always on the look-out for new technology enhancement. This approach helps to provide the best and most cost-effective solution to end user.

Quality Policy
To document every step of the development process and to deliver detailed hardware and software documentation with each completed project.

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Create a Company Culture based on “INNOVATION, TEAMWORK & TRUST

With this in goal in mind, substantial obstacles must be overcome in the creation, design, execution and manufacturing of these products. These goals include:

  • Products shall be user-friendly and a pleasure to use
  • Products shall combine pleasing aesthetics with user-friendliness
  • Products shall employ only top-grade components
  • Technical design shall reflect a level of advanced engineering in each product category
  • Sonic performance shall be superior to that of all competitor’s similarly-priced products
  • Products shall be manufactured with top-level precision and quality control
  • Every product shall bench-test equal or better to the original prototype
  • Products shall provide many years of trouble-free service to its owner


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