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Company Profile

Digital Group Of Companies (hereafter re ferred as “The Company”) was established in August 2002. Over time, the company has grown and developed into a reputable telecommunications company. In the past, we have worked with hospitals, medical facilities, hotels, corporations, small businesses, and many more. As the years have passed, our company has grown and developed with our customers' needs.

When the competitive environment demands that companies make the most of every dollar committed, Digital is engineering fits your company's needs.  We provide a handsfree resource for product or system customization or even develop a solution to your specification. Digital offers a long history of efficient cost control, detailed documentation and unmatched quality control. Digital always has been devoted to treating customers with respect and decency while focusing on service, quality and value.

The Company plans to extend its telephone line of products spread all over the country. It is synergistic in nature and will make us a more complete provider of telecommunication range of products. In view of the establishment of the Company’s business structure today, the Company is looking for a supplement or rather known as Add-on to enhance the efficiency which strongly emphasize on indirect distribution rather known as dealer network.

The Company has dealt with several reputable organization, representing them in terms of marketing, sales and most important in today’s business culture “after sales support”.

The Company has in mind to achieve ISO 9000 in the new future to further enhance the productivity and confidence to all our valued customer. Furthermore, Digital Group Of Companies who wholly owns Digital Triumph is in the pipe line to list itself.

With Digital, you'll work with people who understand your requirements and who are capable of helping you develop a system or product that you'll be proud of.  On time.  Within budget.  We are committed to the development of state of the art recording, a storage solution for commercial, military and intelligence applications.  



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