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Auto Attendant & Voice Mail

  Auto Attendant & Voice Mail System divited into 2 catagories :-

Selecting the right call processing system for your business may be the most important decision you make this year. In today’s competitive market, no business can afford to lose a customer. First impressions are critical. Every time your telephone is answered, your company image is on the line. It is essential that your callers be guided quickly and efficiently to the proper destination. Digital Auto Attendant & Voice Mail System provides you the flexibility to present that Professional Image, and the security of the highest quality brand name components for that extra Reliability.

Every good business decision requires solid cost justification. Digital offers a full complement of features plus expansion from 2 ports, 5 hours of storage to 32 ports with huge capacity of voice storage. Providing you with the Growth Potential that makes Digital Auto Attendant & Voice Mail System the most Cost Effective call processing system available today.


With Digital Auto Attendant & Voice Mail System, there are no boundaries for guiding the call to the proper destination. Visual V-Tree structures allow you to direct callers efficiently and effortlessly through the call processing system. With 255 upgradeable to unlimited mailboxes available, there is no limit to the number of levels or branches that can be created. Multiple classes of mailboxes allow you to create structures for any application.
Seamless communication between the telephone system and the call processing system is essential in today’s service oriented world. Digital Auto Attendant & Voice Mail System has been designed to fully integrate with telephone systems that provide in-band signaling. In fact, Digital Auto Attendant & Voice Mail System comes pre-programmed with all of the necessary parameters for today’s most popular telephone systems. This Plug and Play design insures you a smooth worry free installation.

Graphical Interface

System setup and data base entry has never been easier. With Digital Auto Attendant & Voice Mail System we use a graphical interface providing a visual reference for all input of information. There are no cryptic codes to remember, no fumbling through multiple screens to find the correct entry point. Only the information that is pertinent to the particular change or addition is displayed on the screen.
Main Features
  • Audiotex - Allows callers to direct themselves to the proper information.
  • Message Waiting Activation – When messages are present. Available with most phone systems.
  • New/Saved Messages – Messages may be saved and retrieved separately at a later time.
  • Personal Greetings – Calls directed to your mailbox are answered by your own personal greeting.
  • Service Bureau – Digital can be used as an answering service.
  • Variable Length Password – users may assign a private password for their mailbox from one to four digits.
  • User Programmable Greetings – Users may record their greetings from any telephone.
  • Broadcast Message – Record one message and send to all users.
  • Class of Mailbox – Multiple mailbox types allow total flexibility during programming.
  • Guest Mailboxes – Mailboxes may be assigned to clients or guests on a temporary basis.
  • Message Only Mailbox – Mailboxes may be assigned to personnel who do not have telephone extensions.
  • Message Notification – users can be notified of messages at any location.
  • Multiple Contacts per Cal l – other extensions or mailboxes maybe dialed after leaving or retrieving messages.
  • Password Security – Information in mailboxes is protected by a user-defined password.
  • Rewind, Pause, and Fast-forward – While listening to messages, the user can rewind, fast-forward, or pause.
  • Skip messages – users have the option to skip to the end of the current message.
  • Telephone System Integration – Full integration with all telephone systems providing in-band signaling.
  • Recorded Announcement – May be used a s a recorded announcement device.
  • Automatic Message Purge – Old messages are erased after a user programmable number of days.
  • Automatic Disk Compression – Optimizes message retrieval and storage performance.

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