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On-hold messaging is one of the most powerful and effective methods of directly reaching your customers!

We can help you make the most of the time your callers and customers spend on hold. If a caller hears a professional, well produced and good sounding on-hold production or after hours greeting, they're more likely to feel reassured that they've called a capable organization. It's image! With a production from Digital, your business, practice or organization, big or small, can sound like a Million bucks! Audio quality is very important to us to, not just how your production sounds… but how it sounds over the phone, where it’s going to be heard.

Alternatives to On-Hold Messaging

Silence - Why would you want to give a valued client/customer, prospect or patient the silent treatment? It's like keeping them in a cold dark room. You've spent advertising dollars to get someone to call your business, it doesn't have to stop there! Callers who wait in silence also don't know if they have been disconnected. Studies show that 30% of all callers hang-up after 40 seconds and that over 70% don't call back! Obviously, Caller abandonment rates are extremely high, and cost businesses millions annually. Is it costing your business?

Playing the Radio - It's free right? Wrong! Malaysia Copyright laws require that a business pay for the rights to play the radio that is connected to the on-hold feature of a business telephone system. Those who don't pay these fees are subject to fines. You could advertise your competition! Well, that just may be what you’re doing if you play a local radio station.

Canned Music - Can be a very expensive alternative to "on-hold messaging". Although, having something for your callers to listen to while on-hold is certainly better than nothing at all and ignoring them with "dead air". However, you're still missing out on the marketing value that on-hold messaging provides.

The DP540 is a Digital Player for Message/Music On-Hold. It is solid-state designed with CD quality sound for multi-purpose usage. With 4 tracks available for recording Message/Music, the unit is very useful for playing the Message/Music to meet the various business demands. The built-in non-volatile Flash Memory stores the high quality crystal-clear sound with PCM 64kbps sampling rate. The stored content of message/music can be preserved and lasted up to 10 years under power failure.

  • Flash Memory with 18 minutes storage capacity
  • Full PCM 64Kbps crystal-clear Sound Quality
  • 4 tracks available to record/play the message/music
  • 8 selectable Playing Functions
  • Voice activate recording and silence stop recording mechanism
  • Output available for PBX MOH port, Speaker, Earphone and Trunk
  • Connect External Trigger Switch available
  • Multi-application for playing promotional contents during the store promoting campaign
  • Intersperse voice message such as various announcements in school, factory, or public occasion
  • Announce event/news/product introduction/item description for cooperate, stores, trade shows, various Information centers
  • Alarm system (Emergency announcement)
  • Interactive item description in Museums
  • One for all design depending on your voice announcing demands
  • Message/Music On-Hold

Announce pre-recorded voice messages and play elegant music to your clients while the incoming calls are on hold. To inform callers about goods and services, reinforce the image of company, convey the desired information to callers as you want. Turn passive waiting time to active promotion period.

  • Broadcast over public Place

To spread the message or music in public spaces such as Shopping mall, Museum, Airport, Corporate lobby, Casino, Restaurant, Movie theater, Gas station and so on. For connection, just set DP540 to trigger playing mode, and connect “AUDIO OUT” to the “AUX INPUT” of broadcasting system. Plug adapter of DP540 to a timer for the scheduled playing.

  • Play Advertising Messages In Store Promotion

DP540 is useful and ideal for Department store, Convenience store, Chain store, Retailer, and Grocery store in store advertising or promotion. For connection, just set DP540 to trigger playing mode, and connect “AUDIO OUT” to the “AUX INPUT” of broadcasting system. Advertising message will play when you push the External Trigger Switch anytime.

  • Display In Exhibition

To perform the continuous and repeated product introduction in Trade show, Theme park, Just set DP540 to trigger playing mode, and connect "8 ohm output" to a speaker. Product introducing message will play when the External Trigger Switch is pushed anytime.

  • Alternative and Multi-purpose Usage for Message Announcement

Play promotional contents during the store promoting campaign. Intersperse voice message such as various announcements in school, factory, or public occasion. Announce event/news/product introductions/item description for cooperate, stores, trade shows, various Information centers. Alarm system (emergency announcement). Interactive item description in Museums. One for all design depending on your voice announcing demands.

Why throw away those valuable marketing moments by playing commercial radio on-hold, or worse yet, nothing at all?

Benefits of on-hold Messaging
  • Improve Customer Service Levels
  • Enchance Your Business Image
  • Create & Maximize Sales Opportunities
  • Compliment & Reinforce Advertising Campaigns
  • Educate Callers About New Products & Services
  • Reduce Caller Abandonment & Hang-Ups 
  • Introduce & Promote Special Offers 
  • Generate Traffic To Your Company's Web Site 
  • Increased Revenues
  • Cost Effective - Less Than Other Forms of Electronic Medium
  • Control What Your Callers Hear- Eliminate Competitors Ads

Some Considerations

Consider for a moment… your business receives just 5 calls per hour. The averages are 70% of calls will be placed on-hold and 84% will be placed on-hold sometime during the call and that the average hold time is about 45 seconds. Let’s do the math, at 70% that’s almost 3 minutes per hour, 24 minutes per day and at only a 5 day work week 2 hours per week, 81/2 hours a month and that’s over 103 HOURS A YEAR that your callers are waiting on hold! Take another moment to Consider… these callers are your customers… your prospects... your already interested customers and prospects and when they’re on hold, you have their undivided attention!  

What a value!

Our Message-on-hold service gives you the ability to deliver messages to everyone who calls your business, every hour of every business day and at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Turn this "wasted time" into productive time by educating, promoting, and keeping callers informed of new products and services, news worthy items about your business or industry and if it’s done in a way that benefits your callers… they'll stay on the line longer. It’s a win-win for your callers and for your business!


Recording Time: 1080 seconds (18 minutes)
Sampling Rate: 64Kbps
Frequency Response: 200Hz to 3.4KHz
Power Supply: 12VDC/200mA(included)
Dimension: 5.5"L x 4.3"W x 1.9"H

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