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Door Access System

Access Control is a method of controlling and monitoring Access Points to a building. An Access Point is any door that is equipped with a special device that locks the door to prevent unwanted access and one or more identity verifiers that allow a person to identify him or herself to the Access Control system. The identity verifier may be a simple proximity card reader. In certain high-security instances where it is desirable to assure that the cardholder is the correct person additional security is provided by fingerprint, retinal scan or other biometric verifiers (biological dimension “body” identifiers).When entry is desired, a cardholder identifies himself to the system at the Access Point by “waving” a card or key in front of the card reader and or presenting the proper biometric reference. The Access Control system will determine if access should be granted by considering the identification information encoded on the card. If access is granted, the system unlatches the door, allowing the person to enter the area. If access is denied, the door will remain latched, preventing the person from entering that area.

Control Software

The control software is a Windows program that may be installed on any computer on the premises protected by the Access Control System. It is used by Administrators to control various the features of the PassPoint Access Control System Database. These features include:

  • Designating what time schedules each or a group of cardholders will be allowed access to the premises or protected areas within
  • Keeping a permanent time record of all persons entering protected areas
  • Automatically unlocking specified areas at specified times
  • Disabling access permission to a specific card should it become lost or due to revocation of the cardholder’s privilege
  • Structuring various levels of administration, password protected, to control what administrative privileges are granted to each
  • Remote access to the system database via telephone or the
  • Internet to allow remote control of its operation, settings, or remote viewing of the entry log
  • A system such as this is used to assure that those persons entering sensitive areas are truly those who are currently permitted in that area.


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