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With the wireless GN 9120, you can move up to 150m away from your desk during a tel e phone conversation! Imagine, walk away from your desk or retrieve materials as you talk. With such freedom and up to 12 hours of talk time, the GN 9120 is perfect for an on the move office professional!

Multitasking efficiency

Using your keyboard or accessing documents while you speak on the telephone is par of the course in today’s office. The GN 9120 frees your hands so that you can complete several tasks at the same time and reap the efficiencies of multitasking. Take advantage of the GN 9120’s telephone conference feature for fully mobile conference calls!

Ergonomic benefit

Don’t sacrifice personal comfort when talking on the phone. The GN 9120 lets you say good bye to aching muscles and neck strain caused by propping a telephone handset be tween your head and shoulders.


Conferencing capability

With the GN 9120, your conference calls are now mobile, not restricted to meeting rooms or ruined by crackling speaker phones. Host a conference call with up to 4 participants, without compromising your communications freedom or confidentiality. What's more, you'll only need one telephone line for your conference call, saving you real money!

Flexibility and comfort are hallmarks of the GN 9120. Choose the boomarm that’s just right for you. And, don’t forget that the GN 9120 offers two wear ing styles that can be changed as often as you like.


Midi boomarm

Unobtrusive and compact.
• Great in private or quiet office environments.


• This is a discreet over-the-head wearing solution giving you all day comfort and confidence.

Micro boomarm

Discrete and sleek.
• Great in cubicle or open office environments.
• Equipped with omni-directional microphone.


• This is a light and com fortable on-the-ear wearing style with an earhook that gently clasps your ear.


GN 9120 – Liberty and professionalism

• Unrivalled range of up to 150m and up to an 12 hour talk time for ultimate freedom and mobility
• Telephone conference feature for fully mobile and hasslefree conference calls
• Hands-free freedom for multitasking efficiency
• Futuristic and sleek design for professionalismenhancing style
• Wireless, lightweight headset for convenience and all-day wearing comfort

The GN 9120 is a wireless headset revolution offering unmatched mobility and the benefits of mul ti tasking that busy office professionals of today demand. Communication has never before been this easy, efficient or comfortable before!

Unique to the GN 9120 is the telephone conference feature. Enjoy a crystal clear alternative to speaker phones, avoid the hassles of booking meeting rooms and cut down on ex pens es as conference calls can now be held over one telephone line connection.


Superior flexibility, comfort and styling are hall marks of the GN 9120, which offers a choice of two different boomarms and two wearing styles. The GN 9120 also complies with the world’s toughest acoustic shock protection standards, eliminating any potentially harmfully loud sounds, and is compatible with virtually any telephone.

The GN 9120 is a wireless innovation com bin ing GN Netcom’s expertise with the specific needs of today’s office professionals. Welcome to the highest dimension of freedom, efficiency and professionalism!


GN 1000

Add the GN 1000 Remote Hand set Lifter to your GN Net com wireless head set system, and you’re completely free to roam. With the GN 1000 RHL, you can an swer calls, and end them, from wherever your wireless head set takes you. ‘Based on the most advanced technology available, the GN 1000 lets you get the most out of your GN 9120.

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