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Voice Logging - Digital IVL300X Voice Logging System

QL300X is a recording system that provides unattended and high quality recording of voice. Recordings of thousands of hours of telephone conversations can be retrieved and played back instantly at the system or remotely via TCPIP.

Multiple channel telephone recording system that uses PC and high technology recording card to record telephone conversations for dialed number and caller IDs **.

Its help to improve transactions over the telephone and control the quality of personnel’s work.


Key Features

  • Records up to 64 telephone lines simultaneously and automatically
  • Log dialed number (DTMF) and Caller ID for searching
  • Flexible recording modes: automatic, selective, on demand
  • Convert recordings to Wave Files which can be play back in Media Player
  • Advanced streaming technology ensures playback quality over LAN
  • Silent / Online monitoring
  • Frequent call alarm / Alarm notification
  • Selective number restriction
  • Multiple user login access
  • Time scheduler for recording
  • Various search criteria
  • Statistical call report


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