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Conference Phone - Wired Phone



  • Echo cancellation and noise suppression sdapt automatically to different room size and telephone lines
  • Quadrangle built-in four high quality microphones
  • Selectable switch for the built-in microphones.
  • High fidelity speaker has the power to fit large rooms(10M²)
  • DSP controller and full-duplex operation makes conversation natural and clear
  • Standard keypad function :Mute Redial ,Flash(0.1/0.3/0.6sec)
  • Supply two external microphone jacks.
  • RCA audio jack supports a recorder, user can keep a verbal record of important calls
  • Support multimedia capability to connect with a personal computer. (optional accessory)
  Power 100-120V(UL) 220-230(TUV)AC/18V DC
800mA adapter
  Consumed currents Standby: 170 +/- 30mA
Operation: 350-650mA
  Loudspeaker output 8 ohm/ 5W
  Microphone Sensibility 4 microphones on main unit:-47 +/- 4dB
2 external microphones: -47 +/- 4dB
  Switch Tone/Pulse switch
  Network interface Two-wire RJ-11 Analog PBX or PSTN
Main Unit
953 +/- 5g (diameter 340.0mm, height 80.0mm)
  Analog box 53 +/- 5g(118.3 x 45.5 x 30.1mm)
  External microphone 69 +/- 5g(diameter 59.8mm, height 28.2mm)
  Power adapter 450 +/- 10g(66.0 x 55.1 x 66.4mm)
  Sound Volume Normal: 92dB
Max: 105dB
  Operating Temperature 0-60 degree celcius(32-140 degree ferenheight)
  Humidity 30-95% Non-condensing

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