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  Voice Logging divited into 2 catagories :-

If you have ever wished you could track down important conversations in a fast, convenient way; needed to verify data called into your office; or have been caught in a situation where a caller doesn’t think their call was handles appropriately, Digital’s Voice Logger is your solution!

Specifically designed for businesses whose calls are crucial, the Digital’s Voice Logger will preserve a recording accurately, store and retrieve that recording quickly, enable live monitoring and maintain system security in an efficient way. The easy of call playback and monitoring assures quality and makes agent training a breeze.

It is designed and used for Documenting and Archiving communications, analysis, and retrieval of phone conversations.

A voice logger is a device or program used to record audio information from telephones, radios, microphones, and other sources for storage on a computer's hard drive or removable media. There are two basic modes for recording: vox mode, which is voice-activated, and non-vox mode, in which the recording is continuous. Voice loggers are most often used by emergency services, such as the 911 system, and businesses, such as call centers. Its also multi-featured architecture prepares comprehensive, secure solutions for Commercial Business Archiving & Retrieval, Law Enforcement Surveillance, Civil & Municipal Agencies, Financial Institutions (banks, money management houses, trading floors,) and Air Traffic Controller NC's (nerve centers.)

Today's call centers are evolving and changing rapidly, making operations increasingly complex and hard to manage. A key to keeping these complex and labor-intensive operations coordinated and workflow transactions complete is to implement the right workflow and workflowtracking mechanisms. "Transaction logging" or "call logging" systems can help call centers achieve this goal.

Before you look into purchasing a call logging system, it is important to first understand your particular call center recording requirements and then become familiar with the application of the technology that suits your requirements.

  • Call centers that require transaction logging for most of their transactions (approximately 75 percent or more) include businesses such as HMOs, mutual fund organizations, insurance claim centers, etc. This application of call logging is referred to as "total logging."
  • Call centers that require transaction logging of only part of their transactions (typically less than 50 percent, but more than 10 percent) would employ a call logging system that is referred to by several names: a "verification system," "selective recording" or "recording on demand." In this article we'll use the term selective logging.
  • Call centers that do not need logging, but want to record statistical samples of their calls for random or specified quality checking. and occasionally use these recordings for training purposes, apply logging technology for "quality recording."

For businesses, corporations, and commercial industries, conversations are recorded and stored, enabling quick, secure, retrieval and analysis.

  • Business operations, employee performance, accountability, and factual information (and events) for all voice communications are recorded.
  • Corporate security encompassing information control, theft prevention, counter-espionage, and active information reporting for all voice communications are recorded.
  • Commercial customer service wherein client’s sensitive information is discussed, as well as quality assurance for client information and handling prove critical when accurate data is needed for all voice communications.

Originally produced for 911 Call Centers, the Digital’s Voice Logger has advanced to serve for Emergency Response Agencies. The Digital’s Voice Logger serves as the source of information for Central Command Event Handling. Information for Medical Responders (to report & manage accidents, epidemics, criminal and terrorist victim treatment)

  • Information for Rescue Responders (to report & manage disaster and catastrophe events)
  • Information for Crises Management (to report & manage service outages such as power and water)
  • Information for Environmental Disasters (to report & manage city, country, and coastal devastation)
  • Information for Civil Disorder (to report & manage riots, mobs, and uprisings)

For Police and Law Enforcement Agencies, conversations are recorded and stored, enabling quick & secure analysis. -Innocence or guilt can be proven when reviewing voice information of criminal suspects.

  • Life saving details can be utilized when analyzing voice information of Law Enforcement officers or agents in the field 
  • Security and defense can be maintained by monitoring voice information of vital people
Main Features
  • Banks, stock brokers, commodity brokers
  • Call centers, radio dispatch centers, help desk
  • Security alarm companies, emergency services
  • Intelligence agencies, police stations, attorney offices, fire stations
  • Airport control towers, railroad stations, power plants
  • Hospitals, clinics, medical offices, health care providers

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